Materials 60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic
winter Navy Old Boutique Pullover Sweater 7Rq6wax winter Navy Old Boutique Pullover Sweater 7Rq6wax

winter Navy Old Boutique Pullover Sweater 7Rq6wax

2015 NCAIS Faculty Liaisons meeting

At the end of its partnership with the 13 Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) universities in June 2008, the Newberry inaugurated a new Consortium in American Indian Studies. NCAIS began accepting members in the summer and launched the programs in July 2009. The consortium draws on the Newberry’s world-renowned collections in American Indian and Indigenous studies and the resources of the McNickle Center to offer programs such as institutes, conferences, and annual workshops, as well as provide fellowships to graduate students and faculty at member institutions. Membership in the consortium will be limited to 20 institutions and is being offered to universities in the United States and Canada.

Cornell University. Prof. Troy Richards, Philosophy of Education and American Indian and Indigenous Studies
Harvard University. Dr. Castle McLaughlin, Peabody Museum
Michigan State University. Prof. Susan Sleeper-Smith, History
Northwestern University. Prof. John David Márquez, African American and Latino/a Studies
Princeton University. Prof. Wendy Warren, History
University of British Columbia. Prof. Paige Raibmon, History
University of Chicago. Prof. Justin Richland, Anthropology
Boutique winter Annabelle Annabelle Romper Boutique winter Boutique Romper winter 1q5Swx4H, Prof. Elizabeth Fenn, History
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Prof. Jenny L. Davis, Anthropology and American Indian Studies
University of Manitoba. Prof. Adele Perry, History
University of Minnesota. Prof. Jean O’Brien, History
University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Prof. William Bauer, History
University of New Mexico. Prof. Jennifer Nez Denetdale, American Studies
University of Oklahoma. Prof. Warren Metcalf, History
University of Washington. Prof. Josh Reid, History and;American Indian Studies
University of Winnipeg. Prof. Mary Jane McCallum, History
University of Wisconsin Madison, Prof. John Hall
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Prof. Cary Miller, History
University of Wyoming. Prof. Caskey Russell, American Indian Studies
Vanderbilt University. Prof. Daniel Usner, Jr, History
Yale University. Prof. Ned Blackhawk, History and American Studies