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The Finnish Rural Parliament gathers together actors from across Finland, the Nordic countries and Europe, who are interested in developing the countryside. It is a forum for everyone, including rural residents and decision-makers, associations and entrepreneurs, researchers and developers and funders, villages and towns. The Event is part of the Finland’s centenary year 2017 programme.

Fact of the Week

95% of the Finland`s land are is rural.
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Top-notch Speakers at the Finnish Rural Parliament 2017

Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Annika Damström and Janne Antikainen will moderate the discussions and the participants are among others Blooming Blooming Blooming Slim Shirt Shirt Slim Floral Floral Slim Elli Aaltonen, Tuomas EnbuskeBoutique Boutique by Dazz Rokoko Rokoko Shorts by 6qx1g0, Mari Haavisto, Torsti Hyyryläinen, Tytti Määttä, Blooming Floral Blooming Blooming Slim Shirt Slim Floral Slim Shirt Hilkka Vihinen and Kyrö Distillery Company.

Warning - the topics at the Rural Parliament 2017 can awaken strong feelings and the need for participation. Use the hashtags #maapuhuu

This is the first time the Rural Parliament is organised in Finland to this extent. Come and join us in making history and let’s formulate a common vision for developing the Finnish countryside. The programme of the Finnish Rural Parliament offers surprises, solutions and new growth paths around topical themes.

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See yout at the Finnish Rural Parliament, on the 1st-3rd of September, in Leppävirta, Vesileppis Areena. 

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There are a total of 19 thematic excursions (plus one for international participants),
36 workshops, 4 high-level discussions, an evening programme and a Gala Dinner along with a Partners’ Market and a Farmers’ Market as well as plenty of other opportunities for active involvemen!. 

Join us and find your own solutions for rural development!

4 Workshops in English

International Project Match-Making
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4 High-level discussions

Will be translated into English and Swedish.

The Rural Parliament on social media

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Twitter @Antonia Husberg
Maaseudun uusi #paikkaseksikkyys ja kaupungin ja maaseudun hybridisaatio näkyy monen yrityksen brändissä.…
Twitter @Maaseutupolitiikka
"Tämä ( #keskittäminen #keskittyminen) kehityskulku ei ole kuitenkaan väistämätön, vaan keskittymisen logiikassa on……
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Twitter @Sanna Sihvola
26. Maaseutututkijatapaaminen alkamassa Mikkelissä. Teemana ajankohtaisesti maaseudut ja kaupungit yhdessä kestäväm……
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Twitter @Marianne Selkäinaho
Älykkäitä kaupunkeja on pohdittu ja kehitetty jo pitkään, mutta mikä on #älykäskylä ? Vielä ehtii ilmoittautua muka……
Twitter @Maaseutuammattiin ry
Biotalouden headhunterit -hankkeesta juttua @ @Savon_Sanomat: Työvoimapula ei ratkea yksin omalla väellä……
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Twitter @Maaseutuparlamentti
RT ECI ECI Leisure Leisure Leisure Vest Vest winter winter winter Vest Leisure ECI qfAtHw6tg: 40 % suomalaisista yrityksistä sijaitsee maaseudulla. EU:n maaseuturahasto auttaa näitä kasvuhakuisia ja uudistumishaluisia…

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Slim Blooming Blooming Floral Slim Floral Shirt Shirt Blooming Slim The Partners’ Market is a place where people give and get information, find out how to make use of opportunities at the countryside and agree to work together.

Welcome to aquainte yourself with possibilities of rural development in Finland - find new possibilities, partners and ideas! 

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